Present Moment

Whatever the specifics of a man’s purpose, he must always refresh the transcendental element of his life through regular meditation and retreat. A man should never get lost in the details of his life and forget that, ultimately and in truth, life amounts to nothing other than what is the deepest truth of this present moment. Tasks don’t get a man anywhere more conscious or free than he is capable of being in this moment.  — David Deida

Western Mainstream Media Propaganda Fans the Flames of War

We have seen this many time before. The US media and both US political parties are simply nauseating in their lust for war. There has been no concrete proof that it was in fact Assad who used chemical weapons. Even before a proper impartial, international investigation, the Trump administration, backed by both parties, illegally attacked the sovereign state of Syria. Furthermore, even if the Syrian state bears responsibility, unilateral US military aggression is not the proper response. The American media has a parade of guests who state emphatically that it was Assad and are never questioned by the hosts. We have seen the US government lie and create smokescreens time and time again, from Iraq to Yugoslavia, from Vietnam to Grenada. The United States has, once again, blatantly violated basic international law and the norms of civilized conduct in international affairs.

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