PaulFJAranas-April_2019Paul F.J. Arañas is an author and international relations scholar, specializing in public international law, human rights, and world religions. He is currently researching the history of Russophobia. His debut book Smokescreen: The US, NATO, and the Illegitimate Use of Force was published in 2012.

Paul taught Global Politics, International Organizations, and U.N. Studies at the University of Hawaii, has been invited to lecture at numerous universities and policy organizations, and is the founder of the International Law Education Group (ILEG).

He holds a Ph.D (magna cum laude) in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Center for Diplomatic Strategic Studies (CEDS-HEIP) in Paris, an M.A. in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Westminster, London, a certificate in Russian Foreign Policy from the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, and a B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Oregon. He also holds a diploma with distinction from the London School of Journalism.

You can read his blog and listen to his podcast at eyeonglobalpolitics.com. The Eye on Global Politics podcast is also available on your favorite podcasting platform.  Paul resides in Oregon and can be reached at paulfjaranas@eyeonglobalpolitics.com.