Getting in Shape

A few years ago, I posted my process to get to single digit body fat. My post was entitled My Top Five Suggestions for Getting to Single Digit Body Fat. Well, when I started working full-time as a remote software developer I bulked back up, adding an extra 15 pounds or so. Having the kitchen next to your office can do that.

So Thanksgiving and all the great food is over! I’m starting a new career path and am revisiting my old post with renewed enthusiasm. I will keep you informed on how the fat shedding goes. My goal is to reach around 10% body fat by spring.

Tell the Truth

Can anyone on television tell the truth? These talking heads keep on repeating that vets fought for our freedom. Can anyone explain to me how invading Grenada, Panama, Iraq, or Afghanistan is fighting for our freedom? How is bombing Yugoslavia, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, or Libya fighting for my freedom? Explain that one. It seems to me, instead of going through this insane glorification of the military (which is only a cannon fodder recruitment tool), we should have Ocean Appreciation day. If anything contributes to our security, it is the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. So here’s an idea: Forget military appreciation day before sporting events and let’s replace it with Ocean Appreciation Day. Let’s have a little critical thinking, what’s more important to our security– the military or the oceans? Yes, I am aware that they hold these events to honor those that sacrificed their lives while in uniform; however, we haven’t had a draft in a long time and that’s what they signed on to do. Yes, they sacrificed their lives but they volunteered,  and the government sent them abroad to carry out illegal policies. And what about the civilians in these wars? Let’s have a civilian appreciation day! Over a million Iraqi civilians were murdered by an illegal and illegitimate US invasion. How about we honor them before the start of a football game? It won’t undo the crime or bring them back, but from a moral standpoint, it would make a lot more sense.

Actions speak louder than words. Not too long ago, little white kids in this country were saying “I pledge allegiance to the flag…with liberty and justice for all,” while black people were being lynched outside at that very moment. Also, some of these people in our country have a lot of nerve glorifying the military after the United States and its NATO servant states set the Middle East on fire and created utter chaos in multiple countries.

#SupportKaep #SitOutTheAnthem

On Respect for the Flag

From my father’s Facebook (Fred Aranas)– commenting on the Kaepernick situation:

Did he burn the flag? Stomp on it? No, he just sat quietly on the bench. Do you realize how many people disrespect our flag by letting it fly in the rain, wearing it on their behinds and heads, and by not raising it at 6 am and not taking it down at 6 pm? And those who have tattered flags hanging on their homes or cars, if you can’t afford a new flag, then don’t fly one. Finally, if any of you are planning to burn your Kaepernick jerseys, don’t waste them, just send them to me, because he’s the Man!

— Fred Aranas, August 30th 2016, 6:29 pm