This was written in 1968:

“…it is not surprising that I object to the process of depersonalization and dehumanization of the individual which I see in our culture. I regret that the behavioral sciences seem to me to be promoting and reinforcing this trend. I am concerned when so astute an observer as Clifton Fadiman says in speaking of the newspapers, that “this machine [newspaper]…mediates between Technological Man (of whom we are the faint foreshadowing) and the Technological Order of which we will eventually be the “Computable Factors” (Holiday, 1963). I do not look forward to being no more than a computable factor in such an order. It appears to me that many of the modern trends would indicate that we are moving inexorably toward a world in which men will be no more than conditioned ants in a gigantic anthill. I do not appreciate this prospect.”

— Carl Rogers, “Some Thoughts Regarding the Current Presuppositions of the Behavioral Sciences” 1968