One of the main purposes of university education is to escape from the Zeitgeist, from the mean, narrow, provincial spirit which is constantly assuring us that we are at the peak of human achievement, that we stand on the edge of unprecedented prosperity or unparalleled catastrophe…It is a liberation of the spirit to acquire perspective…to learn that the same moral predicaments and the same ideas have been explored before.

— Martin Wight


Diplomacy and Peace

The diplomat possesses a dignitas, which derives from the state he or she represents. We speak of war diplomacy in awareness that the activity does not and arguably must not cease during wartime, which creates its own problems of diplomacy. It is usual, however, to think of diplomatic activity as a branch of politics in the service of peace and not war. Diplomats, at their best, are peacemakers and peace-preservers rather than warmongers. Classical diplomacy, Martin Wight’s phrase, is a civilized and civilizing activity.  — Robert Jackson


What is Thanksgiving to me?

I try to give thanks every day for all my blessings. It’s not something I remember only once or twice a year. But Thanksgiving to me is family, good food, maybe football on TV or some good movies, and enjoying a celebration with loved ones. And I give thanks for my blessings too.  That’s what it is to me.

As far as any historical significance– that is nothing to celebrate.



So, in the family and good food sense of Thanksgiving, I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and safe travels!