Getting in Shape

A few years ago, I posted my process to get to single digit body fat. My post was entitled My Top Five Suggestions for Getting to Single Digit Body Fat. Well, when I started working full-time as a remote software developer I bulked back up, adding an extra 15 pounds or so. Having the kitchen next to your office can do that.

So Thanksgiving and all the great food is over! I’m starting a new career path and am revisiting my old post with renewed enthusiasm. I will keep you informed on how the fat shedding goes. My goal is to reach around 10% body fat by spring.

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2017!


by Marianne Williamson

Dear God,
May my life be of use to You this year.
May my talents and intelligence
help heal the world.
May I remember how much I have
by remembering how much I have to give.
May I not be tempted by smaller things
but serve my larger mission of forgiveness and love.
Thus shall I be lifted, God,
and know joy this coming year and beyond.
Bless me and work through me
to bless the entire world.

Can She Cook?

I received an interesting question.

Question for Paul: How important do you think it is for a woman to be able cook in a long-term relationship (marriage)?

It is  very important. Food is a central part of life. It is also an enjoyable part of our existence on earth and  an element of the joie de vivre. Furthermore, and probably most importantly, the kind of food that you eat is crucial to your long-term health. They say that married men are healthier than bachelors, which is probably due in large part to their eating home-cooked meals instead of restaurant food, fast food, or processed microwavable dinners. It’s important to eat healthy and enjoyable meals.

photo source: La Coupole- Paris, France

A few obvious things must be said before we go further:

  1. Many of the greatest chefs in the world are men.
  2.  A man may love to cook and be pretty good at it.
  3. If a man loves the woman he’s with and she can’t cook for the life of her, then he might have to just learn to cook.

Okay, we got that out of the way. To specifically address your question, you should screen the girl– that’s what dating is about. Is she smart, funny, a good person, faithful, caring, and responsible? Is she a good cook? Here’s what you do: just have her make the two of you a nice dinner on the third or fourth date. You can buy her the groceries and make an adventure out of it. If you find that she can’t cook at all and it tastes horrible, you can make a decision.

There are millions of girls out there, but you only have one stomach.



Hope this helps!

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment


My mother read this post and told me to add this: “Anyone can learn to follow a recipe or watch YouTube. Cooking is a skill just like any other and one that has to be developed just by caring for a family. So even if she can’t cook at first, don’t give up hope. She can learn.” She also said that the photo I used was not very appetizing and that I should have used a photo of a “beautiful salad.” So to the questioner…maybe you should have asked a mother instead of a bachelor.

Somebody has got to say it…

I have to be honest: when Hillary is speaking, that is one annoying voice. She is better when she speaks at a normal volume, but when she gets going, MAN…that’s tough to listen to… I’d say the same thing if I were for her. She should take care of her voice. If she keeps screeching, she might mess up her voice box. Sometimes she has coughing spells and needs to take throat lozenges. I can’t listen to that for eight years. I can’t. And Trump–the way he eats– burgers, bacon, steak and french fries and his anger issues– he better watch out for a heart attack. With his diet– that’s where he’s headed.

99% of hazelnuts in the US are grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

photo source:

Oregon Hazelnut Facts from

Celebrate Oregon Hazelnuts

The Hazelnut, also known as the Filbert, is the official Oregon state nut. Folks often ask: is it a Filbert or a Hazelnut? There’s truly no wrong answer. “Filbert” is the correct name for both the tree and the nut. The name is of French origin, and early French settlers likely introduced filbert trees into Oregon. “Hazelnut” is the name coined by the English and applied to the native species by early settlers. In 1981, the Oregon Filbert Commission decided to conform to the common standard and began emphasizing “hazelnut.”

Did you know?

1. 99% of hazelnuts in the U.S. are grown in the Willamette Valley, which has a perfect combination of soils and climate found in few other places on the planet.

2. The first hazelnut orchard was planted in the Willamette valley 108 years ago and is still there.

3. Hazelnuts are a healthy option for you and your kids. Hazelnuts are rich in protein, complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, iron, calcium and vitamin E. They are very low in sodium and sugar. Plus, Hazelnuts, like other tree nuts, contain no cholesterol. Over 80% of the total fat in hazelnuts is mono-unsaturated.

4. The hazelnut became Oregon’s official State Nut in 1989.

5. About 675 farm families grow hazelnuts on 40,000 acres in Oregon.

source: Celebrate Oregon Hazelnuts