Palestine is Still the Issue — John Pilger

An excellent 2002 documentary Palestine is Still the Issue from legendary journalist and filmmaker John Pilger. Sixteen years later, the illegal Israeli occupation and daily torment of the Palestinian people continues. In the words of U2, “How long, how long, how long must we sing this song?”

This well-made documentary is well worth watching.

Marius and Fanny

Daniel Auteuil directs and stars in Marius and its sequel Fanny. Drama, humor, and dialogue combine to make two beautiful, thought provoking films. Set in Marseille, these movies explore the dynamics of family, community, and romance, as well as the choices we make and their consequences.

My Dinner with Andre 1981

I watched this film the other night and really liked it. It gets more interesting in the second half, once Wally starts talking more. A very intellectually satisfying movie. Here is the film in its entirety: