Weekend at the Oregon Coast

Last weekend, on the spur of the moment, I drove to the Oregon Coast. It’s just under an hour and half drive from home. I booked a hotel with an oceanfront view, which is the best way to go because you can spend half the time in your hotel room and still feel that the trip was well worth it.

I sat on the beach, eating clam chowder and a shrimp sandwich; later, relaxing in my room and listening to the sound of the ocean, I watched the waves. In the morning, as I walked on the beach, a flock of sandpipers busily dodged the surf. These creatures, with their spindly little legs, are very cool to watch, and they definitely work as a team!

On the beach in the morning, wearing my hoodie…looking and feeling like a monk.

An awesome flock of sandpipers!

Enjoying the waves from my hotel room window.

Scottsdale, Arizona in April

I spent a little time in  Scottsdale, Arizona on a business trip in April. Here are some photos from that trip.

Aquarium in Scottsdale
Dinner in Phoenix
With Alia the dolphin in Scottsdale. I always rather see dolphins out of captivity. These dolphins are raised in captivity but are given great care. It was a special experience, despite my desire to see them free and in the wild.
Dolphinaris in Scottsdale
Top Golf in Scottsdale
Hiking in the desert
Arrived a little early before my business meeting and enjoyed a little of Scottsdale’s nightlife at the May Day and Night Club, which features a lighted pool.