Scottsdale, Arizona in April

I spent a little time in  Scottsdale, Arizona on a business trip in April. Here are some photos from that trip.

Aquarium in Scottsdale
Dinner in Phoenix
With Alia the dolphin in Scottsdale. I always rather see dolphins out of captivity. These dolphins are raised in captivity but are given great care. It was a special experience, despite my desire to see them free and in the wild.
Dolphinaris in Scottsdale
Top Golf in Scottsdale
Hiking in the desert
Arrived a little early before my business meeting and enjoyed a little of Scottsdale’s nightlife at the May Day and Night Club, which features a lighted pool.

Family Trip to Waikiki

A week ago, I took my parents on a Hawaiian vacation. We stayed in a Honolulu apartment, a block from Waikiki beach. My father is rehabilitating from successful neck surgery.

A few of the highlights from our trip were the visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center and the awesome show “Ha, the Breath of Life,” drinking a delicious non-alcoholic Hakka at Yauatcha, almond-pineapple-coconut croissants at the b. patisserie Waikiki International Market Place, and crepes with fresh local fruit at Arrancio di Mare.

I also enjoyed getting up early and taking my boogie board in the warm ocean water. On Saturday night, I went to the oceanfront Rumfire nightclub at the Sheraton-Waikiki, where the atmosphere was friendly and full of energy.

Here are some photos from our trip: