Marius and Fanny

Daniel Auteuil directs and stars in Marius and its sequel Fanny. Drama, humor, and dialogue combine to make two beautiful, thought provoking films. Set in Marseille, these movies explore the dynamics of family, community, and romance, as well as the choices we make and their consequences.

My Dinner with Andre 1981

I watched this film the other night and really liked it. It gets more interesting in the second half, once Wally starts talking more. A very intellectually satisfying movie. Here is the film in its entirety:

Walking in the Rain

Today, I walked in the rain. Whether, rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine, walking is part of my daily routine. No, I’m not a postman! The only time I don’t walk is if I have a bad cold. Then I stay inside and get better. Walking in the rain is refreshing! We don’t use umbrellas here, but occasionally, you’ll see someone with one in the city– Portland or maybe Salem. In fact, where I live, you see a lot of kids running around in their tee-shirts and jeans, even when it’s cold and pouring.

One of my favorite movies is Midnight in Paris. Here’s the last scene. (SPOILER ALERT) Walking on a bridge over the Seine, Owen Wilson– now alone in Paris– encounters a young French woman that he had recently met– and as the movie ends, they happily walk together in the rain.

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment