Domestic Mass Shootings linked to U.S. Foreign Policy — A culture of violence

A few thoughts on the latest mass shootings in the U.S….sad.

Some contributing factors:

*Violent U.S. foreign policy (militarism)— war after war

*Mass proliferation of guns and ammunition for profit

*Exploiting and killing people of color abroad

*Movies produced with senseless and gratuitous violence

*Video games that simulate violence and killing

*A health care system that prioritizes profits over people

Washington, both parties, and the media have demonstrated to Americans that “might makes right,” and that our country doesn’t have to abide by international law; it’s okay, as well, to denigrate the United Nations and carry out illegal actions; the media marvels at images of cruise missiles and “Shock and Awe,” as in the barbaric invasion of Iraq.

In Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cambodia, Laos, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, and Cuba etc., the US has employed bombings, wars, CIA terrorism, or support of death squads, not to mention, massive U.S. aid to Israel that oppresses the Palestinian people. This is all related to the staggering amount of violent crime here at home. President Trump’s hateful rhetoric has emboldened shooters, but so has the violent and racist U.S. foreign policy.