US and NATO vassal states lack credibility on human rights

The imperialistic and brutal actions of the United States government, from one administration to the next, fly in the face of its rhetoric on human rights. This is a country (my country) which killed over a million Iraqis in an illegal and immoral invasion and occupation. Even before that, it killed over a million and a half Iraqis with a decades long sanctions regime, most of whom were children. It destroyed Libya and facilitated the rise of ISIS. It instigated the civil war in Syria by providing all sorts of assistance to terrorist rebel forces, which they happily named “moderate rebels.” Would the United States or Britain, France, or Italy like it if some foreign power started arming and training separatists inside those countries? The US and its Western European vassal states fueled the wars in the Balkans and then bombed Kosovo when a peaceful settlement was practical and achievable. The list is long, from Latin America to the Middle East, from Africa to Asia.

The US mass media is the same media that sold the Iraq War and the lies about WMD. Nothing changed! It is the same corporate structure, the same bosses, and the same journalists (or ones just like them). These are “journalists” with little journalistic integrity, who toe the line for a paycheck and career advancement. The mainstream media is not “fake news;” it is propaganda. In regard to foreign relations, especially when the use of force is involved, it is a public relations mechanism for the US government. CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and the mainstream networks are fine for local/domestic news, weather and sports, but when it comes to international relations, it is top heavy with propaganda .

The United States is the only country to ever drop an atomic bomb (doing it twice). It is a  country which killed three to four million people in Vietnam and  which drone attacks women and children year after year, and goes around the world killing and maiming while proclaiming altruistic rationales.

Western European countries (NATO states), former colonial powers that oppressed the global south for five hundred years (and now have the audacity to complain about migrant populations) have repeatedly shown themselves to be subservient to American imperialism and have diminished their dignity in their need to please their master in Washington. The United States, backed by NATO countries, has created chaos, death, and destruction. Some politicians and commentators have the audacity to invoke the name of God or Jesus, glorifying the US military as it illegally launches missiles against a sovereign nation. God and Jesus weep at your lust for violence and your warped mentality. It is written as clear as day in the Bible: “Blessed are the peacemakers,” not the vengeful and violent, not the militarists and liars, not the hateful and the greedy. No, “blessed are the pure in heart.” Shame on the US government and its militaristic supporters, and shame on those European vassal states that give aid and comfort to endless US warmongering.

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