Freedom in the USA

I have been hearing a lot about freedom on the American airwaves, especially after Kaepernick decided to not stand up for the national anthem. Let’s suppose our super “patriot” friends  are right and Americans are oh so special and lucky to have “freedom.” Of course, as they say, it’s all thanks to the “troops.” You must mention the troops. It’s very important.

For heaven’s sake, no, no, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. No, do not look at the assassinations of American citizens. Please don’t look at the NSA spying, the extraordinary rendition, or the “old days” of warrantless wiretapping (the old days- wink). Don’t look at the covered up war crimes, secret evidence,  secret courts (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court), arbitrary justice, or the war on whistleblowers. No, for goodness sake don’t look at statistics– that we have more prisoners than Russia and China combined. Yes, I know we only have two crooked political parties (that are viable) and the system is rigged. Look away from it.

What about the private sector? Pay no attention that we have employers that are trying to break into employees’ Facebook accounts to spy on them. If you write stuff like this on your blog (a little too truthful politically), and your potential or current boss doesn’t take a liking to it, you may not be getting hired or receiving a paycheck anymore (mixing freedom of speech and having a job in the USA can take a lot of planning ahead!). So don’t pay it any attention– just be glad you are free to walk down the street with safety in any neighborhood and to let your kids run around in public without watching them every second. Well oops, we can’t do that. At least we are free to go to school in complete safety! Well, that is unless we are unlucky and happen to be in attendance during one of our country’s regular mass shootings.

Okay, I got it. We, as Americans, feel the comfort and freedom of knowing that if we get sick, we’ll have the health care we need. Man, 33 million Americans have no health insurance and millions more are underinsured. Maybe our super “patriot” friends mean we have a really free media. Wait, six corporations control 90% of the media in the United States. Well, at least we can get a college education and be free of debt. Debt can be a big weight on someone– a prison. Darn, I guess not. Americans owe $1.26 trillion in student loan debt. There’s got to be something. Aha, I got it– we are free to interact with police officers without fear! Sorry Jamal and Jose, I guess not (at least not our African American and Latino brothers and sisters).

I suppose what our super “patriot” friends really mean is that I’m able to write on my blog without going to jail. Is that what they mean when they say we are “exceptional?” We are free to blog? I always thought we are an exceptional country because the US had slavery and segregation,  carried out a holocaust against the Native American population, has more prisoners than any country, always bombs small countries with no air forces,  and is the only country to ever drop an atomic bomb–doing it twice…etc..All those things are exceptional– exceptionally bad.

But hey, I’m free to blog. Right?

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