Saw it coming ten years ago

In 2006, I was at a research meeting at the European Commission in Brussels for my doctoral studies. They gave out a folder with informational material on EU policy. One of the materials was an outline of EU policy on Ukraine and it spoke about “bringing Ukraine into the European sphere.” A EU representative was giving a presentation and discussing the material. I spoke out and said that this EU position was flat out wrong. It smacked of a colonial attitude. I told that representative, in front of the group– which included some high level diplomats, that Ukraine is a sovereign and independent country and shouldn’t belong to a “sphere”,  but if it is in any “sphere” that it would be the Russia one. Ukraine was a part of Russia, they share linguistic and cultural ties, and thirty percent of the population are native Russian speakers. Well, ten years later, we can see the result of the EU pushing its Ukraine policy, which was (and continues to be) intertwined with NATO and backed by the puppet master in Washington.

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