Is It Any Wonder?

If you’re surprised at the frequency of mass shootings in an ostensibly advanced country, the United States, don’t be too shocked. Of course it’s tragic, but it is a product of a perfect storm. Let’s take a look at some of the societal factors that have led us to this point:

  1. A country  with thousands of citizens suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to the nation’s violent and aggressive foreign policy
  2. A high level of economic inequality
  3. Millions of people under the influence of mind-altering drugs
  4. Unfettered access to firearms and ammunition
  5. Media which produce shows and movies with graphic violence, video games which brainwash impressionable youth, and music with lyrics about violence, greed, and promiscuity, instead of ballads about love and relationships.
  6. A dumbed-down educational system, which produces masses of citizens unable to exercise their critical thinking faculties and develop a wide, global perspective. A country that is unable to acknowledge its brutal behavior abroad, and instead tells myths and fables about its own history of interventionism and imperialism.
  7. A vicious legacy of racism, which persists in too many people’s hearts and minds

With such a society, one would hope to have political leaders who act as a calming influence, always conducting themselves with nobility, diplomacy, and dignity. Instead, a huge portion of the society has chosen a man who captured the Republican Party’s nomination by personally belittling others, calling names, and making outlandish and racist statements.

I am not surprised that all of these factors have whittled away at the moral fabric of our culture, beginning with individuals and working their way up to destroy families and entire communities, while negatively impacting our entire country and by extension the world.


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