Consciously Seeking Beauty

I just deleted the Hillary Clinton is  a Warmonger video. It showed some of the graphic casualties that have resulted from her immoral and illegal policies. I deleted it because, well, my blog is a family show. But also, false modesty aside, I know more about the details of US atrocities, US criminal behavior abroad, and corruption, than 99.9% percent of the population. For years, I’ve uncovered, researched, analyzed, and scrutinized US foreign policy as it relates to international norms and laws. I’ve been a passionate student activist; spoken out in NATO, the UN, and the EU; given presentations; lectures; taught courses;  ran for Congress (at age 26); written a book; and founded and directed an organization. And one must continue to stand up for justice and peace with love and compassion. Having the experience that I do, understanding so many details about U.S. foreign policy, I make an extra conscious effort to surround myself with beauty. The world is an enchanting place with  music,  art, wonderful people, nature, great food, funny stories, and so forth. I know the truth as it relates to my country’s role in the world, as do others, but I want to always strive to see the good in the world as well and to promote tolerance and understanding. We have one life to live, and to do so with purpose. We should seek to make the world a better place but also to enjoy it.

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