Narrowing the Focus

I’m now officially working on my capstone app for Udacity’s Android Developer Nanodegree. First, in stage 1,  I will be designing the app, before starting to build it (stage 2). My design documents will include a description, UI flow mocks, and a list of required tasks that I need to complete to build the app.

I had been planning on creating an app on outdoor activities in and around Silverton, Oregon– where I live. However, there are a lot of activities and I want my app to be focused and manageable. We have Silver Falls State Park– which is huge. People call it the “crown jewel” of the Oregon State Park system. It is 9,200 acres with waterfalls, camping, hiking trails, and activities. Although rare, you might even run into a black bear or bobcat– if so tell the park ranger. Then we have the reservoir– which is literally down the street from me– where you can go kayaking or boating, have a picnic, do some camping, or go for a nature hike. Next, there’s the Oregon Garden– which is a treasure. It is a lush 80 acre botanical garden with an amphitheater, a resort hotel and restaurant, tours, and year round activities. Some of the events include Christmas in the Garden, Yoga in the Garden, Movies in the Garden, Jazz in the Garden, Brewfest, a fireworks show, Art in the Garden, and many other events and activities. Also in Silverton, there are parks, the river, and other outdoor activities.

The project needed narrowing. This is usually how research goes– you start out big and then your idea becomes more focused as you progress. For this project, my focus will be on the Oregon Garden. Over the next week, I will be designing the app on paper: illustrating each screen, documenting the tasks, deciding on my method for handling data persistence, describing any corner cases in the UX, and noting any libraries I will be using as well as documenting my reason for their inclusion. After I am satisfied with my design, I will arrange a meeting with an Oregon Garden representative to discuss the app.

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment

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