Sometimes Scientists Should Say….

Of course, I believe in science. I think it’s crazy to deny that human activity is causing climate change. The evidence is overwhelming. However, there are a lot of areas or natural phenomena that science just can’t explain, and I find it amusing when some scientists feel compelled to throw out an explanation for those mysteries– and say it with such certainty. Can’t the scientific community say, “We don’t really know at all, completely baffled, but here’s a wild guess (Actually, sometimes they do say that).” For instance, scientists can’t really explain why the dark side of the moon’s crust is around thirty miles thicker than the side facing earth, so some just pulled out a theory and said, “ah, that sounds plausible.” They claim that billions of years ago two moons orbited earth and they collided, which resulted in the smaller moon spreading over the dark side of our current moon. But the catch is that when it collided it didn’t explode, but rather it morphed into our moon– it just merged and spread over the surface of the dark side. Naturally, it’s just a theory and there are a lot of them relating to the natural world, but I think sometimes it’s just best to say, “We don’t know.”

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment

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