Vatican Conference Rejects Just War Theory

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April 22, 2016

Vatican Conference Rejects Just War Theory

In a solid step toward more official rejections of the “just war theory” as one that’s failed in its original idea of restraining war and has been too often applied to justifying initiating a war, the April 11-13 conference at the Vatican we mentioned a couple of weeks ago has concluded that the theory should be rejected, that there should be a re-commitment to nonviolence, and that they hope the pope will issue an encyclical to that effect. While co-sponsoring groups such as Pax Christi (a CL member group) could be expected to come to such a conclusion at any conference it participates in, the official Vatican connection makes this a promising development for one of the world’s largest institutions, and one with influence on many other institutions.

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One thought on “Vatican Conference Rejects Just War Theory

  1. The Church does not reject its own theory. We wouldn’t be here if we could not justly defend ourselves against evil.


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