French Parliament Votes to Lift anti-Russian Sanctions Imposed by EU

Good move my French brothers and sisters.

I say this with love– the EU is a lapdog of Washington and far too many European governments are subservient to the criminality of the US government. In fact, these governments are so subservient that when the US illegally spied on European heads of state and high level politicians– as we all know– and it was exposed, European leaders gave a few whimpers and then it was back to business as usual– being the DC lapdog. Instead of confronting the US government about Snowden’s revelations, certain EU governments denied airspace to the Bolivian President– thinking that Snowden was aboard the plane, which dangerously forced it to reroute and land in Austria. That was shameful. Anyway, these ridiculous sanctions boomeranged on Europe. France is a proud and beautiful country and doesn’t want to be a tool for US imperialism.

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