My Consistent Life Ethic and Supporting Bernie

I’m pro life. More specifically, I believe in a consistent life platform– which opposes the death penalty, abortion, war, poverty, and euthanasia. If I were running for public office, this would be part of my platform.

No presidential candidate is espousing a collection of these viewpoints; if one were, he or she would have my vote– even over Bernie; however, that is not the current reality. Senator Sanders’ platform is closest to my consistent life ethic, despite my disagreement with brother Bernie on abortion.

Other candidates are nowhere near a seamless life ethic. Republican candidates oppose abortion but advocate for more war and disturbingly inhumane and discriminatory policies, have a blatant disregard for the poor; for the marginalized; and for our environment and ecosystem, and they support the death penalty. Hillary Clinton supports abortion, regime change and militarism, the death penalty, and, as I see it, is disingenous when she speaks about working people; her primary consituency is the donor class in corporate America. Those, to me, are not life supporting agendas. If you are pro-life and are looking for a candidate who best expresses a “respect for life” sentiment, the best choice is brother Bernie. As an added bonus, you will be voting for someone who is authentic, lives with integrity, and someone who is a dignified teacher of the truth.

Furthermore, I believe that we have to support children once they leave the womb. We need to have universal health care, child care, paid family leave, and a living wage– an economy that supports women to bring their babies to term. Bernie’s agenda is the only one with such a vision. I am passionately supporting Bernie but will, of course, continue to advocate for a complete and consistent life ethic, which includes strong opposition to the grotesque practice of abortion. Some day, human beings will reflect back with disgust on the uncivilized and barbaric practices of abortion, war, the death penalty, allowing human beings to sleep on the street, and denying people medical and other basic services because they are poor.

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