Thoughts on Brussels

I am praying for the victims and their families of today’s horrible and tragic attacks in Brussels.

Terrorism, mass shootings, endless wars, occupation, the massive flood of refugees– a portion of our world has gone utterly mad. We are witnessing an endless cycle of violence. ISIS, a wicked and barbaric organization, emerged out of the rubble of tragic and senseless wars.

Anybody, whether it be a president; a scholar; or a pundit, who proclaims that they know the definitive answer to this current problem is not speaking with veracity. The truth is that it is an utter mess; and it is not static; every action has a reaction.

What I know for certain is this: one does not extinguish darkness by punching at it, but rather by turning on the light. We can serve the world in our own way by illuminating our daily lives, and, maybe, if enough people do so, we can collectively extinguish the darkness that is spreading in our world.  #PrayForPeace

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