Bernie Fights Back

Not continuing to run would be ‘outrageously undemocratic,’ Bernie Sanders says | Washington Post March 17th 8:54 pm

“Our progressive agenda has enormous support,” the senator from Vermont said in an interview ahead of a rally planned here. “For anyone to rule us out is making a mistake.”

Yes, that’s what I want to hear!! Let the country feel the Bern!

Sanders also said in the interview that he thought his overall performance on Tuesday was stronger than it has been cast by much of the media, which he said tend to focus too much on winning states rather than delegates received. Because delegates are awarded on a proportional basis, candidates can pick up considerable amounts of delegates even when they lose.

Sanders noted that while Clinton won Illinois and Missouri, the delegate counts there were nearly identical.

True True!! Very true!

In a fundraising solicitation Wednesday, Sanders told supporters that he has “an extremely good chance” to win nearly every state that votes in the coming month, starting with Arizona, Idaho and Utah next Tuesday.

Bernie’s not lying…(Unlike some candidates who will go unnamed)

“I’ve got a shot to win California, and I think we can win it big,” Sanders said, adding that some of the most progressive states in the country are on the West Coast and have yet to cast ballots.

OK, now we’re talking!! …  Oregon has your back and we are going to give you a landslide victory against the… Corporate One.

Sanders bristled at a question about whether there were other aims he could accomplish by staying in the race, such as gaining leverage in crafting the Democratic Party platform or continuing to keep income inequality on the national agenda.

“I’ve been asked that question a hundred times, and it’s a bad question,” Sanders said. “The goal is that I get elected president of the United States

Sanders reiterated that he has no intention of getting out of the race before the Democratic convention in July.

“Why would you not allow half the people to vote?” he asked. “That is outrageously undemocratic.”

What kind of question is that? Bernie’s going all the way to the convention!

#Feel the Bern

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