Inner Peace Before World Peace

You have to have inner peace before you can have world peace. When you get frustrated about politics (I do sometimes, when I let myself think about it too much),  just imagine yourself living right here in this picture on this mountain ridge. Now, say to yourself, “I’m in the Swiss Alps, I don’t care about crazy American politics–Trump, Clinton, yelling, insults– those people are nuts.”


2 thoughts on “Inner Peace Before World Peace

  1. I know excactly what you mean, those politicans are really getting on my nerves too sometimes. all this fighting is just sad… the picture is beautiful, I’ve never been to the Alps in Swiss but I defenitly have to go 🙂

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  2. It’s important to find internal peace– that feeling of being in the Swiss Alps or any other beautiful place we can visualize no matter where we actually are, even in the middle of a crazy political season! I’m trying hard to do it!


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