Thoughts on the Election

Nobody ever said a political revolution was going to be easy. Yesterday, Bernie picked up a bunch of delegates. He basically split in Missouri and Illinois and he pocketed a decent percentage in Ohio and North Carolina. He grabbed some in Florida as well. Clinton increased her lead to 324 pledged delegates. For Bernie to win, he has to average 58%  across the remaining states. There are twenty four states left, and we are pretty much finished with the southern states (which the DNC frontloaded for Clinton). So we have to put some questions to these remaining two dozen states: Do you want another Clinton in office? Do you want Bill roaming around the White House? Do you want another war hawk in office, who advocates for regime change and voted for the Iraq war? Do you want someone who was the architect of a policy that turned Libya into a failed state where ISIS is now growing and taking over territory? Do you want a president who is going to do everything Netanyahu asks at a moment’s notice?  Do you want one that gives speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars to Goldman Sachs and then hides them?  These are just a few of the questions that need to be asked over and over and over.

It’s an uphill battle, but it is doable. The pundits and the Clinton campaign are trying to demoralize Sanders’ supporters. That’s their playbook. But we can do it. We can have a “Yuuuuuggge” comeback!

#Feel the Bern

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