Bernie Needs to Tell the Whole Truth

Last Friday, Obama told Democratic Party donors to unite behind Clinton. For reasons of political calculation, Bernie does not want to criticize Obama. Yes, Bernie is holding back on the truth. He is telling the American people some truths, but not the whole truth. He has barely glossed over issues relating to U.S. foreign policy.

Bernie criticizes Hillary for taking money from Wall Street. In response, she cited the fact that President Obama took more money from Wall Street than any other candidate in the history of  U.S. elections. She is absolutely right. Obama did. But it showed too. Bernie has been unwilling to go after the president’s record because, I assume, he doesn’t want to offend African Americans and Democratic Party loyalists. Well, Bernie is getting demolished by the vast majority of African Americans (voting against their own interests), he might as well tell everyone the truth.

Obama handed over $750 million in tax breaks to the richest two percent. He is responsible for destroying Libya and committing countless acts of murder through illegal drone strikes that killed hundreds of women and children. He turned his back on single payer health care and barely put up a fight for a public option. In fact, he locked out single payer advocates from the discussion, including physician groups advocating for Medicare for All. Obama reneged on his transparency and lobbyist pledges: he had closed door meetings on health care and lobbyists are in his administration. For example, he picked a Raytheon lobbyist to serve in the DOD. Obama surged in Afghanistan– which has been a disaster. He has a policy of targeted assassinations (no judge, no jury, no trial). He armed groups in Syria that turned around and joined ISIS and al-Nusra. He deported more people than any other president in the history of the United States. Obama opened new areas for offshore drilling. He supports the insane TPP.  I could go on and on…

Brother Bernie, you can’t criticize Hillary and give Obama a giant pass on his corporate and militaristic policies.



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