To Hillary Supporters

I have already seen numerous instances of Hillary Clinton backers throwing insults at Bernie Sanders’ supporters. With this in mind, I would like to list a few points that may be of interest to such people:

1. The race is only half over and the schedule now turns in Bernie’s favor. It is an uphill climb (especially with the corporate media, Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the Clinton Machine against you), but it is not impossible. We are waiting to vote for Bernie here on the West Coast!

2. Bernie is not only running a campaign, he is teaching America the truth.  Unfortunately, until now, many ordinary Americans may not have been educated about the deep corruption in our political system, how Washington has overthrown democratic governments abroad and installed dictators for the benefit of U.S. business interests, and other crucially important facts that aren’t broached in the U.S. educational system or mainstream media.

3. Trump is a horrible candidate. He has appealed to fear, racism, and xenophobia, but Hillary is no golden prize. She is a militarist and a corporatist. If she becomes the nominee, I understand many will hold their nose and wear a blindfold as they reluctantly vote not for her but against Trump. Nevertheless, I’d like to remind the Hillary people– especially those insulting Bernie Sanders and his message– of one sentence, spoken a few weeks ago, which they may have missed:  “I’ll Run for President if Bernie Sanders Loses.” — Governor Jesse Ventura, February 29, 2016. Millions of people cannot stand Hillary. We don’t like politicians with her corporate and militarist agenda and who act like this:

#Feel the Bern

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