Ukraine: Masks of the Revolution– English subtitles

Ukraine: The Masks of the Revolution is a recent French made documentary that aired on French television (Canal+). The Ukrainian government unsuccessfully tried to prevent it from airing. This documentary details only some of what those that know the truth have known for some time now: The US and the European Union supported (and continue to support) neo-Nazis and fascists in Ukraine.

The Western power structure has waged a disinformation campaign about Russia’s actions in the Crimea– where the population, without a single bullet being fired, chose to join the Russian Federation. Here is the French documentary with English subtitles:

One thought on “Ukraine: Masks of the Revolution– English subtitles

  1. As the Crimean Tartars how “free” they are under Russian control? Also, look at how many of the “voters” in Crimea were Russian citizens and military voting in a Ukrainian election! The reason there was no conflict was due to the fact that the Ukrainian government was just organizing itself after getting rid of a corrupt Russian supported President.


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