Thoughts on Madeleine Albright’s Criminality and the 2016 Presidential Election

Recently, Madeleine Albright, speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton, absurdly chided young women, who overwhelmingly support Senator Bernie Sanders. She employed her often used statement, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” If one wants to take these words literally, from a theological standpoint, no human being is in position to say who is or isn’t going to hell– or, in this case, a certain part of hell. When it comes to judging the souls and hearts of other people, I’ll leave that where it belongs– up to God.

Madeleine Albright, as US Ambassador to the UN in the Clinton administration, oversaw the policy of locking in place genocidal sanctions which killed over a million Iraqis, most of them children under the age of five. In 1996, the program 60 minutes questioned her on this murderous policy at that time 500,000 had died due to the sanctions– and she infamously and coldly responded, “the price is worth it.” This is the same individual out there campaigning for Hillary Clinton and judging young women on their voting decisions. How many Iraqi girls were killed or had their lives utterly destroyed by the policies of the Clinton administration? Whether or not the majority of twenty something women know the real history of the Clintons and Albright– the vast majority of these young women in New Hampshire and other segments of the population saw through the rhetoric. Let’s hope the other states do the same.

Albright, as Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, pushed for the illegal 78 day  bombardment of Yugoslavia, disregarding the United Nations Security Council, while a legitimate peaceful solution existed. I refer people to my book Smokescreen for the well-documented details of this great deception. Yes, Senator Sanders voted to support the illegal bombing; and that decision is one of a number of foreign policy disagreements that I have had or have with the Senator (along with Afghanistan,  his apparent support or lack of opposition for US-NATO meddling in the Ukraine and supporting sanctions on Russia, drones, and a wishy washy position on the barbaric Israeli occupation of Palestine). A number of Senator Sanders’ past foreign policy positions have not been progressive at all, but rather consistent with US imperialist policies driven by powerful special interests. Nevertheless, Senator Sanders is the best candidate in the race. He has stood up enough times for social justice and demonstrated integrity– and that is why he has earned my support in 2016. We need to do our best to help get him into office and then push him (as he has asked of us) so his foreign policy will match his progressive economic initiatives.

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