Shameful Politicians, Yes Men Media

I was just watching MSNBC and they had a US Congressman on talking about Syria, in particular Russia. This politician sits there and says that the only reason why Russia is in Syria is for Assad and to protect their bases. By the way, would you rather have Assad or Daesh (ISIS) in Damascus? How’s Libya working out for you? (a bunch of geniuses in D.C.) The anchor asked him what could be the reason for Russia wanting to work cooperatively with the U.S. in the area. This congressman says roughly the same thing– some nonsense. So I’m waiting for the anchor to correct him; and, of course, it never comes. Most of these anchors are professional news readers and not allowed to question official sources beyond what their boss deems acceptable– so they hardly ever question anyone on anything substantial.

So, Congressman, Charlie Dent (R- Pennsylvania) and the many more just like you — the Russians had a commercial airliner blown to pieces.



This small-minded Congressman should sit down– along with this dime-a-dozen news anchor– and watch these videos, watch the face of every one of those Russian souls whose bodies where blown up by Daesh– an organization that came about because of greedy and disastrous US policy, an organization that is supported by US allies. Where is the outcry that Turkey, a NATO member, is receiving oil shipments from ISIS? Even if that were a mere possibility — one would think there would be all kinds of investigations. Where are the media investigations? Where is the coverage? The US government doesn’t want the American media investigating things like that, so they don’t. Putin has provided aerial photographs of oil tanker columns going from Daesh territory to Washington’s NATO ally Turkey. Meanwhile, Obama says, “Turkey has a right to defend itself,” when Russia has its fighter jet shot out of the sky over Syrian territory (a Turkish act of aggression). Turkey is upset because Russia started bombing the oil shipments (as well as the terrorist rebels they armed). Which leads everyone to another obvious question/conclusion– if Russia just started bombing these oil shipments since the Metrojet attack, what was the United States doing for the last year?

The first step in combating terrorism is stop participating in it.

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