Be Happy

Feeling a little down? Put things in perspective. Are you frustrated by people or unhappy with your progress? Imagine being unable to speak and paralyzed– and all you can do is blink your eyelids to communicate to someone. There is a true story of a successful man who suddenly became like this– locked-in disorder– from a devasting stroke– out of the blue, while driving in the car with his son. He wrote a book by blinking his eyes. The movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is based on his story. I highly recommend you watch that movie. Unless you have clinical depression (chemical depression), I seriously doubt that you are going to be depressed after watching it. So your girlfriend or boyfriend left you– give thanks that you can talk and see and have the ability to go get another one!

I lived in Paris and also for two years in Angers (ahn-zhay) in the Loire Valley. In my opinion, Angers has the best “Happy” video on YouTube! Here it is:

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment

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