Top Two International Figures of 2014

Every year some international figures stand out more than others. Here are my picks for the top two of 2014 and why:

1) Pope Francis:

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope and the first one from Latin America. He has led by example and reminded Christians and all people of the Gospel message and the preferential option for the poor. Pope Francis has been a bold leader for living with love and being non-judgmental. He is also reforming the structure of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis

2) President Vladimir Putin of Russia:

My country (the U.S.) has gone around the world bullying all-but-defenseless nations: Grenada, Panama, Libya, Iraq and so on!. At the present moment, an inordinate amount of anti-Russian propaganda exists in the U.S. mass media. But this is coming from a media that sold fictional “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” to the American public. In other words, our media lies, bends the truth, takes things out of context or doesn’t give people the context at all. Anyway, Putin has been the one international figure with significant power who has stood up to the U.S. government (and its subservient government partners in NATO) and said, “Hold on there cowboy! You don’t own the world! Back up!” And despite what the mass media tells you, millions of people around the world love him just for that alone!


La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment

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