Tip for Success 1: Take Your Time

Take your time

A lot of people think they are gaining progress by going fast or cramming a lot of activity into a specific time period. By pressuring yourself, hurrying, and multitasking, you are not gaining that much of an advantage. Furthermore, you risk an accident, error, or slip-up that will set you back a lot. It also causes chronic stress that is unhealthy for living things. Take a deep breath and remind yourself to focus on one thing at a time. Many people multitask, for example texting and talking to someone in front of them, driving and talking on the phone, eating and working at the computer, or feeding their kids and talking on the phone while watching TV, all at the same time (I’ve seen this last one!! Don’t think the kids don’t notice!). If you are doing these things, you are not putting your all into the conversation, the driving, savoring your food, your computer work, or relishing the miracle of your children as they grow and change before your eyes. By not being focused on the moment at hand, you also risk having a car accident, spilling food on your computer, writing or saying something less than sensitive, having substandard work, as well as raising children who may do the same thing to you someday.

Less done with focus and performed well is often more than a lot!

Someone who goes into the gym and does fifty sets may think he is going to see gains in the gym, but he might get smaller (except for some initial progress in the case of a new lifter or if he’s on steroids). Why? Because he is over-training in the gym and working too hard instead of being smart, steady, and focused.

Again, don’t multi-task and don’t worry if something isn’t done yet; you’ll get to it! Check things off calmly one by one and enjoy the process.

If you lack discipline, it is extremely unlikely that you will wake up and become a completely disciplined person overnight. What you should do is do ONE thing everyday no matter what. Pick one thing and do it. If you want to get in shape– don’t think about all the different philosophies and diets out there telling you how to do it— meanwhile you don’t stick to one for more than a few weeks, days, or in some cases even hours! Pick one thing. I would say– walk everyday. Just walk for an hour everyday, no matter what. That is going to go a long way. Don’t look at the scale everyday. Know that this daily routine is a healthy way to live. It will also create discipline in your life which will start to spread to other areas, for example, your work or your diet. So slow down, and do one positive thing consistently, and stick to it no matter what. You will develop discipline.

If you are a student, focus on one assignment at a time, one paragraph, one page at a time. Do quality work! If you feel overwhelmed by assignments, take some time to focus on what’s happening in your life. Are you working too hard? Do you have family issues or responsibilities? Are you exhausted from your job? Are you partying too much? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating enough of the right foods? Step back and take inventory, and make sure that what you are doing, you are doing well. You may have to cut out some things from your schedule or postpone activities. You may have to pay more attention to your physical health. But if you prioritize and slow down, you will be better off and you will make more progress in the long run by doing everything that is in front of you with thoughtfulness and care. It will create a cycle: by doing things well, you will become more relaxed and focused, and by being relaxed and focused, you will do more things well!

Remember take your time– it will save you time!

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment

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