Top Two Qualities that Men Find Attractive in Women

I received an interesting question.

Question for Paul: You answered a question to a guy about the top two qualities that women like, but I would like to know what you think are the top qualities men find attractive in women? 

Well, I wrote a post answering a question on My Ideal Wife. I would put intelligence and virtue at the top of the list, but let me see if I can break this down a little further.

1) Honor Not everyone is given the gift of intelligence, per se. Men desire a woman with a good, kind, and loving heart and a healthy respect for herself, so that she guards her honor. This is idealized in the beautiful “girl next door.” Some women are taken advantage of by jerks and the women keep coming back to these guys after being treated like dirt– often time and time again, in a cycle. Why? Some girls or women don’t think highly of themselves– and they should! It’s unfortunate.

But men should still respect women who don’t respect themselves. One needs only to read Don Quixote and remember how he treated Dulcinea! His love for her, thinking she was a princess instead of what she was, a prostitute, had a transformative effect on her. That doesn’t mean a guy should be walked all over by women–but it does mean treating everyone with dignity.

Anyway, men– of the non-jerk variety– are attracted to women who hold themselves up with honor and have high self-esteem. Guys with low self-esteem– which is usually a cause of being a jerk– go after women with low self-esteem. Why? Because women with high self-esteem aren’t going to put up with a jerk. It’s that simple!

2) Creativity

Women have a nesting instinct, even the most career oriented. Over the age of 24 or so– maybe even younger– stability or having some money play a factor in whether a woman will date a guy. I’m not talking about gold diggers, I’m just talking about the natural practical mentality of women, especially those with high self-esteem. She’ll ask, “How am I going to live? What kind of life am I going to have with this guy?” Being in love in a cardboard box will get really old really fast.

Men are attracted to women that are creative. They are drawn to women who cultivate beauty: aesthetic pictures or photos, food dishes, fashion, literature, decor, gardens, crafts, or any other type of imaginative creation. It is artistic intelligence, which gives a glimmer into a beautiful soul. Men are attracted to women who have this quality because it subconsciously tells us that she has the ability to love and can potentially create a beautiful, blissful nest to live in together.

But I could be wrong.

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment

2 thoughts on “Top Two Qualities that Men Find Attractive in Women

  1. Nice post. Yes, I do agree with what men find attractive in a women. I am sure there are other qualities as well but these two are the top two qualities ever.

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