My New Year’s Resolutions

Most of us have New Year’s resolutions. Here are mine!!!

♦ Make a career change into IT in the Pacific Northwest. With the academic jobs spread out all over the map– I’m not wanting to go just anywhere to teach classes. Oregon suits me just fine. I love living in Oregon and traveling from this my home base. Who wouldn’t love Oregon? — trees, mountains, rivers, lakes, ocean, desert, cities, small towns, pretty girls, and a lot of nice people!

♦ Make extended visits to France and Quebec.

♦ Get reinvolved in Oregon politics.

♦  Continue to hit the weights hard, and in the words of the HodgeTwins, “make all kinds of gains. All kindzzz.”

♦ Reduce my body fat to around 10%. I walk every morning for about two hours before breakfast. It’s a slow cut. I’m at about 15% body fat right now. So I plan on being ripped around May, right in time for the summer.

♦ Do some independent journalism and send out some articles.

♦ Add all kindzzz of great content to this blog…all kindzzz.

♦ Start my next book. My first book, here’s a plug for it– Smokescreen, is available where books are sold (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Tower, FNAC -France etc) or you can check it out from a library near you.

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment

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