Why Do I Blog?

What do I blog about? I blog about anything I want to blog about: I ask questions, I answer questions, I philosophize, I journalize. In short, I write whatever I feel like writing and sharing. If people want to read my academic / political book, Smokescreen, it’s available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and a bunch of other places. But my blog is notably different. If I feel like writing some political commentary, I will. If I feel like writing about the weather, I’ll do that too. That’s one of the main advantages of having a blog– self-expression, creativity, and lack of restriction on your subject matter.

I would encourage more of my colleagues in academia to have blogs that aren’t completely related to their academic work. Why? Because I think a good percentage of them are a bit too, how shall I diplomatically express this– hmmm, uptight. Hey, but that’s just what I see.

Here are some things I want to do with my blog in 2015:

Add more photos and video of travel and excursions.

Provide more insight from other people– guest commentaries, interviews, profiles

Add a YouTube Channel (which I have put off due to my current schedule of activities, but I am planning to do that)

I have come to appreciate blogging because it is a form of in-depth expression and sharing. Furthermore, people often get caught up in their career molds. They take themselves seriously, instead of just taking their work seriously. They say I am a political scientist or international relations scholar; I am a physician; I am a journalist; I am an engineer; I am a computer programmer. These are all jobs. I do not define myself as an international relations scholar or a political person, I am a human being– a well-rounded human being– if I do say so myself. International Relations is one part of my life. It is actually only one part of my learning. I am fascinated by art and nature. I study fitness physiology. I like photography and information technology. I love the French language. I am a student of human psychology and human relations. I love literature and film. I write non-fiction, but also write short stories. And so on. I don’t believe in being pinned down into a specialization that defines you as a person. I rather just say I’m a human being that is fascinated with the world, the people who comprise it, and the philosophy and metaphysics that underpin it all. That is what this blog is to me, and that is what I hope to make it reflect in the months and years to come.

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment

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