Women, What’s Up with Your Voices?

What’s going on with some women’s voices these days? Actually. this is not really a universal observation– meaning I don’t hear French women or other nationalities talking like this. It seems to be an American thing (but I haven’t taken a survey of women’s voices across the gamut of nationalities and languages). I hear two voices pop up over and over. This isn’t all women, but it seems like I’m running into it more and more often.

1) Little Girl Voice: Why do some twenty-five or thirty year old women make their voices sound like they’re six years old? You know what I mean. “Hiiii…I’m Sarah. Yeaaah,” with the high-pitched little girly voice. I think it’s a lack of confidence because it is contrived or learned. Bring it down an octave or two, be confident in yourself. You don’t need someone’s approval to be yourself.

2) Gravel throat voice: I hear this one in public and on t.v. Why are some women making their voices gravelly, especially at the end of their sentences? Are they trying to be sexy? Do girls hear this on reality t.v. and then all start copying each other? I don’t know, but my advice is stop if you’re doing it. For me, a smoother voice is pleasant to the ear, not a gravelly voice. I don’t get it. Where did this come from and why are SO many young women talking this way?

But hey, that’s just what I hear!

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment


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