Top Two Qualities That Attract Women

Question for Paul: What are the best qualities– character traits– to attract women?

1) Productivity:  In fiction (literature), a good protagonist is proactive; he or she makes things happen, creates action, and moves the story! The character, the hero, attempts to win the heart of the princess or he embarks on a journey, taking risks to achieve some important goal. He doesn’t accept his current condition and just let life happen to him– rather he moves the narrative. Women don’t like laziness or a lack of productive behavior. I think they might even despise it. They are magnetized to men who do things in life– who produce, create, and initiate action, especially that of which is bigger than oneself. Be a doer. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a guy who talks a lot about doing things and never does anything. That is girl repellent. Spray some laziness with no action and some negative attitude and no confidence on you and girls be gone. Spray it on any guy– whatever he looks like, and give it a little time, the girls will move away. In the end, one should be a doer not just to be attractive to women, but because you want to use your God-given gifts and talents with purpose– to make the world a better place.

2) Toughness with Sensitivity: Aggressiveness combined with tenderness is what people sometimes call “tender aggressive.” The strength and conditioning coach Elliot Hulse talks about being “tender aggressive.” It’s being a confident, aggressive man while having a soft, sensitive, and grounded side. If you are all soft and sensitive, it’s not attractive to women; you’re a pushover, a wimp. You’re kind of like one of the girls then; they may “love you like a brother”– ouch, that hurts to hear. If you are all toughness and presenting yourself as a hard dude, it’s not attractive either– you don’t know how to take your time and you lack grounding. This type of guy probably has a tough time meeting women– he has an unbalanced aggressive nature. But if you take those two and land somewhere right in the middle– that is appealing for women: to be aggressive (but not overly so) and tender at the same time.

So be productive and work on being a balanced tender aggressive man. There you go!

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment

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