How I Voted

As you know, we just had mid-term elections. Here is a little rundown on how I voted in Oregon.

Oregon Governor

I voted for a progressive third-party candidate.

U.S. Senator

I voted for Democratic incumbent Jeff Merkley. In my opinion, he was the best choice on the list and progressive enough to get my vote.

U.S. House of Representatives 5th District

The incumbent is a blue-dog Democrat who voted to surge in Afghanistan and for the 2012 NDAA, among other poor voting decisions. I, as well as my family members, wrote my own name in as a Write-In Vote. Perhaps, we edged out a victory against Bugs Bunny or Yosemite Sam.

Legalizing Marijuana

Of course, I don’t support drug use. I think the effect of more people smoking weed is an even more dumbed-down society (hard to imagine, right?). However, the criminalization of this drug, which is no more harmful than alcohol, is a horrible policy. People are thrown in jail for non-violent drug offenses at a staggering rate. Drug addiction should be treated as an illness and not a crime. Therefore, I voted yes to legalize marijuana in Oregon.

Top Two Voting

I voted no on this measure to rewrite the Oregon election process. It would have essentially locked out minor parties from the general election. It was overwhelmingly defeated.

Labeling for GMOs

I voted YES! I think it is pathetic that this didn’t pass. It is common sense. Either people were brainwashed by some Monsanto ad or they eat so much junk food that they don’t care about the ingredients. Voters that opposed this one need to go in either the gullible, ignorant, or selfish category. We must not lose hope on this and must get it passed next time!

Driver Cards (Licenses) for Undocumented People

I voted yes. People need to get to work. At least, it is a measure to ensure people know the driving regulations, which promotes road safety.

Women’s Equality (Pay) Measure

I voted Yes

Judges Employment by Universities or the Military

I voted no. Judges should be independent.

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