Why Do People Go To Bars?

Why do the same people sit in the same spot at the same bar drinking the same drink and get the same result?

Why do people choose to go to a bar to pay three times as much for the same drink as the grocery store down the street?

I know why.

Tell us, Tell us, oh Master Guru Paul!

Yes, it is for one of a few reasons. I will tell you now.

One of the reasons is that people want to chat with the bartender. So although it seems more expensive, it is actually cheaper than a psychiatrist. Another reason is that they want a community experience. This can be achieved, even if you don’t talk to anyone– like going to a movie at the cinema. But let’s focus on the third reason, which is often the true reason. Ah, you want to talk to some ladies, but are afraid of rejection. You’re pretending then,  yes you– parked on the bar stool. Why? Because you’re shy. Being shy is a form of self-centeredness. If you put the focus on trying to ensure some girls have a fun time, instead of focusing on what they think of you, then you probably won’t be shy anymore. Rejection is a part of life– any successful writer (or person) has experienced rejection at one point or another. If you are going to go to a bar with the third reason in mind– an idea of meeting women– you might as well go in the door with that objective and let beer remain just the prop. Don’t focus on the beer, focus on your goal– which is to be sociable with the ladies. You can socialize with a can of soda in your hand.  It’s not about the drink– it’s really and truly about one’s attitude. Let a girl give you a dirty look if she doesn’t like you or has a boyfriend– you’re just being friendly. And if you are truly having fun, most girls will pick up on that vibe and really appreciate the attention and atmosphere you are creating. There’s nothing wrong with that at all- at all!

I am done.

La vie est belle, profitez de chaque moment

2 thoughts on “Why Do People Go To Bars?

  1. Highly sensitive person’s nature is to be very conscientious and productive and the aforementioned are characteristics of intelligent and gifted people, like Paul F. J. Aranas, who thinks outside the box 🙂


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