Top 5 Dating Turnoffs

1) Talking about ex-boyfriends

Oh my, this should go without saying. But unfortunately, some females out there don’t quite get it. Ex-boyfriends? — I don’t care, and neither does any other ‘normal’ guy. It is not only lacking in tack, it is just plain rude. If we are on a date, I’m not your therapist. No guy wants to listen to that– just because your broken heart is not yet mended. If we really like you, we may put up with it, but we don’t like or appreciate it at all. And yes, I am speaking for all ‘normal’ guys on this one. The same goes for broken-hearted guys– no girl on a date wants to hear about your ex-girlfriend. Get over it, there’s a beautiful girl sitting in front of you– man up!

2) Cursing like a sailor

If I wanted to hear that, I would go play a game of pickup football with my buddies. I don’t think cursing is good period, for either guys or girls. It is a very rare occasion that I curse. As was said in the film Malcolm X, “A man curses because he doesn’t have the words to say what’s on his mind.” I find that the most talented comedians are the ones that can be funny without having to use profanity or cursing to make you laugh. I put Cedric the Entertainer and Seinfeld in this category. Anyway, there is something extra jarring about a woman who curses. She might as well paint a goatee on her face because all the perception of her femininity flew out the window when she started dropping f-bombs.

3) Texting at dinner or during the date

Unless you are sixteen, then turn off the phone and be present in the moment. And even if you are sixteen, it is highly unlikely that your 17-year-old date is appreciating it either. If you don’t think your date is a good match, then decline a second date, but don’t break out the phone and text friends or answer emails. It reveals a lack of maturity and class. Learn to have fun on every date. That doesn’t mean you should go out on a second date, but be charming anyway. The way you carry yourself, your class and charm, should not fluctuate based on how much you like the person with whom you are interacting. No, if you truly carry yourself with class and charm, you should be classy and charming with everyone.

4) Not having or not expressing an opinion

I much rather have a date that expresses her ideas on a matter, even if they are polar opposite from mine. It is likely that you are on a date in the first place because you have some things in common. Nevertheless, it is much appreciated if she expresses her own mind and has some opinions. Even more impressive is for her to have opinions and back them up with an intellectual argument. I don’t mean to turn the date into political or social science forum, but it is nice when a girl can think and express intellectual thoughts and has a mind of her own.

5) Second or Third Date Life Encroachment

So, you had a couple of dates and they went well. Don’t come over to my apartment, inspecting my wardrobe and looking at my apartment as if the wedding is going to be next week. Slow down there. This cries ‘clinger.’ If you really like the girl, maybe you don’t mind. But be careful, an underlying issue may be causing this girl to want to end your bachelor days after only a week or two of dating.

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