Expect the Best, Don’t Settle for Less

You’re at a nice cafe and so hungry, and as you take the first bite of a wonderful and much-anticipated quiche, you notice a tiny bug in it. You’re at a restaurant and the soup you ordered arrives, but it is luke warm. You reserved a hotel room with a king size bed and they have given you a twin instead. Sure, you can easily pick the bug out of the quiche, the soup still tastes good– despite not being really hot, and the twin bed is still comfortable enough for a one night stay. But wait, you ordered quiche without bug! You asked for soup with the full expectation of it being hot! And you wanted a king size bed not a twin, so you could stretch your limbs and roll around in your sleep and not fall off! It’s not being demanding or picky, it is merely getting what you asked for, which is what you deserve.

This may all seem quite simple and logical, but you would be surprised how many people will say, “It’s okay, it’s fine,” and say nothing. No, it’s not okay and fine. You need to be assertive in life to get what you want.

The story of the quiche comes from the time when my then-girlfriend ordered a quiche and a small bug (like an ant) was included. She felt too shy to tell the waiter. After a minute of encouragement, we called the waiter (actually, I’m pretty sure I called the waiter with her agreement), and she got a new quiche sans bug, which made everyone happy– well at least us. You deserve it. There is nothing wrong with expecting the absolute best and you can always do it politely and with charm. In the words of Stuart Smalley– well, let Stuart say it himself…here’s the video.

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