Where’s My Chapstick?

Sometimes, all you want in life is your chapstick. At that moment– whether it be from windburn, recycled air on a flight, sunburn, or just licking your lips out of nervousness, it really doesn’t matter, all you are thinking is  “Where the heck is my chapstick?” You are confident that you have several lying around, in this pocket or that one, or in some drawer under a pile of papers–  but you just can’t locate one. If you don’t keep track of them, those pesky chapsticks get lost– or die the ultimate death in the clothes dryer. You may not need to use chapstick every day or even every month–  but a time will come when you need that little stick of relief, just ask Napoleon Dynamite.

Of course, you can always run to the market and pick up another one, but part of the frustration is that you know you have two sticks lying around the house. The secret of avoiding such frustration is to always keep a chapstick in the bathroom. It belongs with its brothers Mr. deodorant,  toothpaste, and floss. And yes, keep another one for your pocket, if you need it. The pocket one will likely get misplaced, but you will never find yourself pacing around the house saying, “Where’s my chapstick,” because another one is in the bathroom cabinet. So there you go, two chapsticks– one mobile, one stationary. If you’re on the road, the same principle applies– one chapstick with hygiene supplies and one for your pocket.

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