Would I Run for Congress Again?

The U.S. political system is a mess. We have, in essence, one party rule with two social wings called Democrats and Republicans, which squabble over some social issues. But both parties are feeding at that corporate trough and bowing down to the military industrial complex and the Israeli lobby. Big money rules the day. So why would someone like myself, who worked for Ralph Nader (and voted for him for President three times and for Rocky Anderson in 2012), or another person passionate about making his country and world better, want to put himself through the grind and spend all that time and energy entering a race, when the game is all but rigged. The answer is a simple philosophical one– Why not? Who are they, the political and corporate elite, with all their money, influence, and power to deter qualified people from entering the arena of politics and challenging their horrible policies that favor the super rich and the privileged, while ignoring the poor, the marginalized, the downtrodden, and the oppressed? Who are they to intimidate us from standing tall against the scandalous disregard for social justice in D.C.? Politics is not a game. Politics is real life. When a man loses his job, it is not just a statistic, it affects the children, the spouse, the health of the family– it affects a whole host of issues. When politicians send kids off to illegal and immoral wars to commit atrocities and to be maimed and killed– it effects whole families and whole communities at home and it destroys entire countries abroad. When someone asks me if I would consider running again, I say yes; and I think more people should become engaged in the process– but never compromise why they became engaged in the first place. It is not for personal gain or professional aggrandizement, but to be of service to others and to fight for social justice and peace- especially for the most vulnerable among us. The measure of a country is not how well it takes care of the best and brightest, but the life it gives to the most marginalized of its citizens.

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