The U.S. and Endless War

If you went to a high school and there was a kid that mirrored the dynamics of the U.S. government– I guarantee you would probably say, “What a jerk!” You might even call him a monster. Indeed, if this hypothetical world were fair at all, you probably wouldn’t run into that kid much at all, for he would have been thrown in juvenile detention for a laundry list of aggressive acts toward the weakest and most defenseless members of the student body. Of course, this troubled adolescent would have given altruistic reasons for why he had to beat up the 80lb kid or why it was necessary to make the school safe by kicking over the handicapped kid in the wheelchair. But since I have made this hypothetical high school world fair, nobody believed his ridiculous justifications and he was prosecuted to the full extent for his actions. If only our world functioned like that– maybe it partly does, but it just takes a very long time to see it, when the chickens come home to roost. Every action has a reaction. I wish my country would be a force for good, to take care of people at home, and to lead by example (but never forcing that example on others). Instead, we find the opposite– hypocrisy, empty rhetoric, and criminality. Nevertheless, those that believe in truth, justice, and peace must continue to work for a better world. I always tell my students that they can make a difference. One single person can make a difference, and you never know your true impact. You don’t know where the ripples end. You can be part of a movement that changes the world! In the meantime, why put yourself out there? The answer is in five simple words: It is right to do.

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